I'm Lei, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Durham University. My research lies at the intersection of machine learning, behavioural analytics and interaction design. I investigate theoretical aspects of Human-AI interaction, collaboration and co-creation, as well as its practical applications in real-world settings such as education and social innovation. More details about my research and other stuff.

Dr SHI Lei

Assistant Professor


Prof Alexandra CRISTEA

Advisory Board member (internal)
Head of ICG Durham

Prof SUN Lingyun

Advisory Board member (external)
Deputy Director of IDI ZJU


Lecturer, Project Supervisor
Assistant Professor of ICG Durham

Current Students

I'm Zhaoxing, a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science, at Durham University. My main research interests lie in Machine Learning, HCI, Humans-AI Co-Decision Making and Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI). I am currently engaged in studies of exploring humans and machines collaborate in decision-making frameworks based on interpretable methods, deep learning and reinforcement learning.

Mr LI Zhaoxing

PhD Student, started in May 2020

I’m Yunzhan. I have an interdisciplinary background in computer science and HCI. My research focus is to improve the interaction between humans and machines, by leveraging both HCI approaches and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques from deep learning, data mining, knowledge representation, and reasoning.

Mr ZHOU Yunzhan

PhD Student, started in October 2020

I’m Efthyvoulos. I am currently a PhD student in the Center for Doctoral Training in Distributed Algorithms at the University of Liverpool. My study is co-funded by EPSRC and the National Crime Agency. My project is Data-Driven Intelligence for Countering Crime and my main research interests include Bayesian Statistics, Distributed Algorithms, and developing algorithms that can give solutions in multiple sectors.

Mr Efthyvoulos DROUSIOTIS

1st Year PhD Student (visiting from University of Liverpool, UK)

I'm Wilk, a PhD student in the Laboratory of Computing Applied to Education and Advanced Social Technology, University of São Paulo, Brazil. My main research interests include Informatics in Education (especially: Flow Theory, Educational Games, Gamification and Computer Teaching) and Game Design.


3rd Year PhD student (visiting from University of São Paulo, Brazil)

I’m Sophie, a final year BSc Software Development for Business student. I am interested in web development, technology in sport and artificial intelligence especially how users interact with it. My project investigates explainable AI from the user perspective to see how best to enhance trust and understandability in artificial intelligence systems.


BSc Student 2020~2021

I am Wenhu, a final year computer undergraduate student. I am very interested in human-computer interaction. My research project is to study the realization and evaluation of different visualization effects of machine learning (ML) algorithm output from the perspective of end-users, to explore how instance representation and spatial layout affect the trust of end-users, and what kind of best visualization strategy can increase their trust in the output of ML algorithms.

Mr ZHANG Wenhu

BSc Student 2020~2021

I’m Finn, a 2nd year Maths and Computer Science student. My interests lie in machine learning, particularly in object detection and computer vision, as well as robotics and mathematical physics. My current research project is a general-purpose swarm robotics platform, aiming to allow research groups to rapidly begin projects on swarm intelligence and algorithms.


BSc Student 2020~2021

Alumni Students

I’m Marah, studying Scientific Computing and Data Analysis at Durham University. I’m interested in Deep Learning and High-Performance Computing. My project aims to explore the generalisation ability of Deep Learning abstractive summarisation models.

Miss Marah JABER

MSc Student 2019~2020

I’m Sam, interested in application development and HCI. I look forward to starting a career in these fields. My project aims to produce an aid for suffers from colourblindness which is integrated with their current workflow and existing technology. It should be intuitive and affordable, allowing sufferers to overcome barriers to education and technology access.


BSc Student 2019~2020

I’m Zac, a 3rd year BSc Computer Science student. I’m interested in image processing, software development, web development, security and digital electronics design, as well as the application of technology within education. My project aims to produce a mobile application that teaches people how to edit photos effectively and provides an intuitive interface to practice applying these edits.

Mr Zachary GREENAN

BSc Student 2019~2020

I'm Stefanos, studying Computer Science at Durham University. I am interested in using computer science and technology to improve training for athletes, and, on a larger scale, to assist and improve aspects of everyday life and society. My current project investigates how computer vision can be used to track and examine the technique of weightlifters in order to help them improve their performance, with the goal of improving how efficiently they can carry out lifts with heavier weights whilst also avoiding injury.


BSc Student 2019~2020